Practical Stress Solutions for the Busy Professional

Build healthy relationships. Keep up with your kids. Pursue all of your passions.

Long-lasting Energy & Focus

Practical nutrition - learn to support your body properly for energy in-and-out of the office

Stable Moods & Motivation

Practical lifestyle habits - build in small, sustainable changes that have BIG impacts

Ignite Day-to-Day Joy

Practical mindset - reframe limiting beliefs to discover your values and live your full potential

The modern professional is busier and more exhausted than ever.

What are you missing out on because your body can’t keep up with your ambitions?

Do you ever feel...

Overwhelmed and exhausted?

Unable to be fully present with your loved ones?

Frightened of long-term health damage?

On an energy and mood rollercoaster?

You’re missing out on achieving what you truly want in life?

Tired of “just getting by”?

There has to be more to life outside your career?

You cannot handle even the smallest task?

Chronic stress and burnout are costing you WAY too much - physically and emotionally!


The stakes are too high to continue waiting for it to resolve itself.

Take care of it NOW so you can live your fullest potential and be fully present with your passions and your loved ones now and down the road.

Are you ready to transform your life and health as a stress-free professional?


Our unique 3Rs framework is designed for you to advance your career AND elevate your personal life. Accomplish all of your important goals with enough left over to pursue your highest purpose and passions!

You really can have it all...

Get that promotion and make it home for dinner

Have the energy and motivation to play with your kids

Be there for all of life's precious moments

Easily take care of the daily to-do list with plenty left over

Redefine and achieve your highest purpose

Live the lifestyle YOU want

Enjoy long-lasting, stable energy and mental focus

Be fully present and engaged with your loved ones

Reignite the joy of day-to-day life

You CAN have the career AND have a quality life outside of the office.

You were put on this earth for so much more than just paying bills.

Let's redefine what it means to accumulate wealth.

You don’t have to pick between the security of being a successful, modern-day professional and the life and purpose you crave outside of the office.

Wealth, to you, means a meaningful career and stability, with richness through relationships, community, hobbies, and goals.

I know you want to be a rock star in the office AND show up in the world with purpose, passion, and the energy to enjoy your life and be fully present with loved ones.

In order to do that, you need a full energy tank, mental clarity and stability, and the reassurance you aren’t putting your career at risk.

The problem is, you’re beyond exhausted, stressed to the max, and lack the energy to live a full life outside of work. You’re left feeling helpless, hopeless, and stuck in the cycle of “just getting by”.

I believe it’s a fundamental disservice to you, your potential, and your loved ones that you don’t get to live your life with the freedom and purpose you deserve.

You are meant for so much more than merely surviving day-to-day and paying the bills.

The 3Rs gives you the biggest bang for your buck right off the bat.

It is exactly what you need to cultivate the life you deserve – full of energy, mental clarity and stability, and enough left over to do what you truly love.


Here’s how it works…


Refuel – this first crucial step addresses the most common physical stressors on the body, including nutrition, hydration, and environmental stressors. If you experience the 3pm slump, feel like you need caffeine to get you through the day, or find yourself ravenous for dinner and late-night, Refuel provides the education and tools to ensure you’re setup for abundant energy throughout the entire day.


Restore – in the second step, you master exercise and sleep, to restore your body's reserves and help you be more productive and present in the office and at the dinner table. If you need intense exercise to feel energized OR feel you don’t have the time to exercise, this addresses both camps. With nutrition and movement in place, we can then tackle optimizing sleep. Sleep is when our cells regenerate and a lot of healing happens. You’ll no longer say “I’m just not a good sleeper”. Instead, you’ll experience the quantity and quality of sleep you need to live life on your terms.


Refine – lastly, we address the beliefs and obstacles that get in our way of living in a way that's aligned with our core values. I also provide real, tangible stress reduction techniques, including ways to reframe your mindset around boundaries and implement them in a way that’s mutually beneficial to you and your employer. This step will teach you how to build reserves so you're prepared to handle inevitable stressors with grace and calm.

👋 Hi! I'm your coach, Steph Prangley, NTP, FSA, MAAA

I understand first-hand what it’s like to struggle with exhaustion & overwhelm, brain fog & mood swings, and feeling inadequate when my body couldn’t keep up with my ambitions.

With over 15 years climbing the ladder in the corporate world as an Actuary, I went from crying in my office, eventually forced to take medical leave for stress-related health issues, to cultivating a healthy corporate work environment, becoming a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and creating Stress Loss Solutions.

Stress Loss Solutions is one of my many passions – helping YOU avoid what I went through and building the life you deserve!

I developed my 3Rs process with the busiest of professionals in mind. I’ve been you. I’ve done that. I KNOW what you need. It took me YEARS to heal and figure out THE solution so you don't have to. 

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