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Reduce Environmental Stressors for a Safer Home and Optimal Health

Protect you and your loved ones from known carcinogens and hormone disruptors commonly found in your household and personal care products. It's easier than you think!

Free Download: The 6 Most Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Your Home

Remove Toxins

Cancer-causing agents, hormone-disruptors, and heavy metals can all legally be included in our household products. Learn what they are and what to use instead!

Budget-friendly tips

You don't have to break the bank to transform your home into a safer environment. Learn DIY tips and how to prioritize to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Safer home, better health

Sleep better at night knowing you and your family are living in a safer environment. Feel confident that your home is free of unnecessary harmful compounds.

Common household products can legally contain known harmful ingredients linked to long-term consequences

What we put on our skin (everything from lotion to diaper cream to residual laundry detergent on our clothes) and inhale (through fragrances) are absorbed directly into our bloodstream.

Federal regulation is lacking, so we're not protected, and have to somehow navigate it on our own.

Get the free download: The 6 Most Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Your Home

Ok, so... what's so bad about this stuff?

Hormone disruption  ●  Cancer

Birth defects  ●  Allergies  ●  Headaches

 Lung damage  ●  Skin irritations  ●  Weakness and fatigue

Kidney disease  ●  Achy joints and muscles

While it's impossible to eliminate our exposure to environmental toxins in our industrialized society, you CAN take steps to decrease your exposure in your home.

Creating a safer home can be easy and budget-friendly!

  • Identify & remove harmful ingredients linked to long-term damage
  • Reduce stress on the body
  • Optimize your health
  • Sleep better at night knowing you and your loved ones are protected
  • Have fun with new personal care and household products!

Our modern day, industrialized society, while providing countless conveniences, contributes to long-term unintended consequences in our bodies, including: allergies, hormonal issues, birth defects, and cancer.

At Infinity Hill Nutrition, we know you want to create a safe home environment for you and your family. In order to do that, you need to know how! The problem is, there is NO regulation protecting you from harmful ingredients or from greenwashing, with labels such as "eco-friendly" and "natural" intentionally misleading you. 

It's inherently wrong and extremely dangerous that that companies can continue to use these harmful ingredients that are KNOWN to be damaging to adults, children, and even a growing fetus. 

We understand how helpless and overwhelmed you might feel, especially if you're on a budget, which is why we created these resources and have done the hard work and due diligence for you!

The 6 Most Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Your Home


Are you concerned with the amount of harmful chemicals in your household and how they are impacting your health?


These 6 categories are commonly associated with endocrine (hormone) disruption and cancer, especially estrogen-related cancers. Other potential damage includes allergies, birth defects, infertility, headaches, skin irritation, and other long-term health consequences.


You can't afford to NOT take action - there is simply too much at risk!

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Cleaner, Safer Beauty

At Infinity Hill Nutrition, we believe in taking a holistic, full-body approach to wellness. This of course means nourishing our bodies with nutrient-dense foods to give our body the building blocks it needs to balance. 

This also means be mindful of what we put on our body and the environment we live in. After studying women's hormone health for over 5 years, I've learned that environmental toxins can be the missing link to getting to the root of hormonal problems

I started using Beautycounter during my own health crisis when I dug into the research about how much our environment, including and beyond food, impacts our overall health. 

I joined Beautycounter because they are a certified B-corp, mission-based, and performance-based company fighting on the Hill for increased regulation in the personal care industry so that EVERYONE has access to safe products. I know I can trust them to produce high-quality products, offset their carbon footprint, and continue to educate themselves on emerging science.

Beautycounter bans 1800+ harmful ingredients linked to serious health issues.

The US currently bans 11, Canada around 600, and the EU about 1200.

Beautycounter bans the use of over 1,800 questionable or harmful chemicals that have been linked to hormonal disruption, skin irritation, allergies, and cancer.

I stand behind the commitment to health and safety standards that go so far above and beyond the requirements, and extend to the environmental footprint and sustainable packaging.

As a consultant, I go through training to assist my clients find the perfect products for their skin type and conditions.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have questions about your specific needs, need a free consultation, or would like more info on becoming a consultant yourself and growing a profitable side-business!

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